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Compair® Flow Ducting


Compair® flow ducting system from Naber


We think this is undoubtedly  ‘A cooker hoods best friend!’

Compair® Flow ducting is probably the most efficient domestic kitchen extraction system on the market. It’s patented profile design and unique guide vane technology allows the extracted air to flow smoothly around corners. This reduces the amount of noise, turbulence, motor wear and power consumption without compromising on the quality of air extraction.

Watch our Compair Flow Movie on YouTube: Introducing Compair Flow by Naber


  • Improved and quieter kitchen extraction
  • Energy efficient design
  • Requires less space than traditional ducting
  • Vein technology within 90° bends
  • Can be used with long and short duct runs
  • Reduced stress and wear on the motor
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Up to 70% less pressure drop
  • Greater design freedom

Compair® flow is more efficient, neater, easier to fit, will save energy and prolong the life of the cooker hood or extractor.


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